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Psychotherapy, Coaching & Consultation with Lili McGuinness, LCSW, CLE

Meet Lili


Lili McGuinness, LCSW, CLE is passionate about her work as a psychotherapist, consultant, coach, and trainer. Her extensive experience and approach based in empathy and cultural responsiveness help people and organizations transform long-standing patterns that block personal growth and diminish their quality of life and services into life-affirming actions that support happiness, well-being, and inner calm.

At the core of Lili’s work is the belief that every person is the expert of his or her life. As clients learn to listen to their authentic self and embrace their strengths, vunerabilites, values and culture, a clear voice emerges that allows them to find clarity and healing.


Lili Specializes In

Reflective Leadership Coaching & Consultation

Workplace Wellness & Training

Relationship Based


Trauma Healing Therapy


Body Psychotherapy

Pregnancy Yoga

The Journey Towards Health & Wholeness Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"I have worked alongside Lili McGuinness for 12 years and am always appreciative of her wisdom, thoughtfulness, insight and warmth. Lili brings a wide breadth of growing knowledge and experience to her work and is deeply compassionate in her ability to care for the needs of her clients."


“Lili has been nothing short of a gift to me.  We have been working together for about 3 years.  In that time, she has guided me through some of the most difficult, yet liberating changes in my life.  Her unique style, which embraces current psychological understanding, body integration, encouragement of my personal spiritual practice and practical wisdom, has allowed me to break free of many thought patterns and see meaningful personal growth.  As it is with anything durable, it takes time to develop.  She has been patient, but also pushes me to find the strength in myself to live life to the fullest.”

- Sarah

"My experience with Lili was incredibly enlightening both professionally and personally. I learned great things. The one I needed the most at the time I worked with Lili was that connecting with and strengthening my inner wisdom- my intuition, is my most valuable tool. It has not failed me yet. Thank you! "

- Claudia 

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